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.22 suppressors for only $129..?

Just received an email from Cope's, where they've got YHM rimfire suppressors in either black or unfinished stainless for less than the cost of the tax stamp; just $129.99 each.


I'm in the middle of waiting on a Mystic-X and not looking for anything else now, but this surprised me. IIRC, they generally run $249-$299 or so.

If the Hearing Protection Act ever does pass, we'll likely see sub-$100 .22 suppressors and centerfire suppressors for not a whole lot more. "Interesting times" indeed...
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There went another of Melvin's get rich schemes. Buy new an be done, no screen wire needed.
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One nice thing about the Mite is that it does easily disassemble for cleaning, which is especially important for a suppressor that .22's are run thru.

22LR's are just nasty, and if you can't get to the suppressor's guts to clean them, it can clog up dishearteningly fast.

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I am kind of a waiting mode on suppressors. It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense paying the tax, then a month later the bill passes. Or am I dreaming?
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I doubt it'll happen blindingly fast, but I'll be dancing a jig if it just happens at all.

The Mystic-X, I ordered & did the atf paperwork in September, before the election or knowing anything about the Hearing Protection Act.

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