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Headed out today after stopping for a big breakfast an thought would stop in a gun shop (Melvin, it was Fishmans) there was a 4in. model 29 an a 9mm Smith revolver and a 45acp, Thunder Ranch from the Performance Center, 4in. NIB with soft case, moonclips. Been wanting a 45acp wheelgun for awhile so It is mine now. Pic after the darn IL 3 day wait. Great price too. Then off to the range for a relaxing day with a model 27 an a model 10, 17 an 34. Shot a lot of clay bird pieces at 25 yds. Some nice groups at 10 yds testing a 9mm load. None of the local critters were hurt! FordPerfect was shooting a 45acp an his model17. A buddy Roger was there with his 32-20 Ruger #3
A nice relaxing day, call it "plinking" if you want, to me it was fun, outside, fresh air, what more can you ask for.
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I can have all that and realistic training, too. So that's better. Plinking can be done in your living room with airsoft.
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I would rather shoot the real stuff.
Continue with your rant.
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Where's that video Melvin?

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