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sig .22lr unit for 1911 can be had, sub $200,

It should run ok. It'll need shortening to Detonics length, tho, and internally-threaded. 10" OAL is quite feasible, and adequately quiet, if run wet. The underchamber can come all the way up against the trigger guard, since there's no tilting/reciproating barrel. 1.5" longer than a govt model CAN be shoulder holstered, under a shirt, with velcro tabs or snaps instead of buttons. Gotta tie it down to thigh straps, both sides, and use a chest-strap, if you expect real concealment and real speed of draw. Now THAT is a trail gun (on alloy frame) and small game-fun gun. In 1984, I built one on a colt .22 conversion for the 1911, was quite effective. In 1985, I mounted one on an Argentine variant of the .22 unit and so much gas came out of the floating chamber that it was still way too loud. I loc-tited the floating chamber shut, but the gases soon cut loose the epoxy. Would have tried to silver braze it, but it wasn't my .22 unit. Owner didn't want to risk it not functioning without the floating chamber. The same can worked fine on my test-22, which was a sawed off, broken stocked M60 glenfield auto that wouldn't feed right. Somebody gave it to me when I was on the run and hard-up for cash.

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