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Drawing from Concealment

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Something not practiced enough imo.
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best learn from a speed rig first, then a behind the hip rig (if that's what you're going to use to ccw) and then CCW. I dont agree with the blue gun. Instead, dryfire or better yet, use an airsoft of the same style as your ccw gun. You'd better learn to incorporate working the safety (if you have one) as well as the manipulation of the trigger into your draw, from the start.
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hell yeah. Enough speed can often save you 50-500k trying to stay out of prison and 'un-sued", by not having to fire. The pos sees that he's going to lose (big time) and just flees. That's what you want, not being so slow that you have no choice but to fire, or even worse, end up wrassling with the guy for control of your gun.

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