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dont internally thread TP22 Iver Johnson

cause even if you only counterbore it 3/4" deep, it will cause the bullets to keyhole. the J22 jennings has microgroove rifling, which lets you get away with counterboring the barrel. Normal rifling, you'd better have 2" of actual rifling, not counting the chamber, or you'll ruin the barrel. For press-fit barrels like the AMT and the IJ, that means you've ruined the entire gun.

also, do not think that you can use 5/16 x 24 thread inside of the counterbore. that leaves no strenth in the threaded "walls" of the male stud that projects out of the rear of the silencer. Because the J22's barrel is just 3/8" in OD, you can't use the 3/8"x 24 tap that I normally recommend. So you have to get the 5/16 x 40 tap/thread for use with the J22. and dont drill the normal 1/4" hole thru the bolt, either. Instead, use the .238" size. I"ve also had success with the .228" size of hole thru the threaded rear adapter in the silencers
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