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Immediate Action Drills

If you don't practice these, you are missing an important step in CCW. Buy a pack of dummy rounds or make your own. Tap, Rack, Target, should be as natural as an emergency reload when you run dry. All semi-automatics can mal-function due to dirt, bad ammunition, our just bad luck. Next time your on a pistol range, just watch. Somebody's gun is going to go down. Now watch how they handle it. I'll bet there's enough yanking, blank stares at the gun, and just general jerking around to make you practice your own drills.
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if you've got a decent gun, mags, ammo, you wont have more than one malfunction in many thousands of rds. The odds of such occurring in a fight, (and your survival if it does happen, despite such practice) are vanishingly small. FAR more import should be placed on achieving a really fast ccw draw, since THAT can keep you from having to fire at all, saving you 50k-1/2 million $, trying to stay out of prison and "un-sued".
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Your patently stupid response is noted. Of course Melvin knows more than every law enforcement agency that teaches malfunction drills and tactical and emergency reloads. You ever hear of Murphy's Law, Melvin? What do you do if your gun does go down in a fight? Surrender? Of course you have a LOT of experience doing that.
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Even if a gun has an MRBS (mean rounds between stoppages) of 3,000, it doesn't mean it runs smoothly for 2,999 rounds and then has issues on round number 3,000. It can happen on ANY round.

Unfortunately, most guns run substantially less than that, and imo that's often because of most gun users not being vigilant about their gun's condition and state, and because of most gun users spending too little time actually USING their guns and too much time reading & talking about them instead.

If we're just going by "likelihood of need" of clearing malfunctions, we'd never worry about it. But if "likelihood of need" were our standard, we'd never carry a ccw gun, own a fire extinguisher, or keep a spare tire in our cars either.

The simple mathematical fact is, I really don't need to clean my gun very often, but to not be proficient at it would be stupid and lazy. I don't need to clear a malfunction on my gun very often, but to not be proficient at it would also be stupid and lazy.

If a person wants to be stupid and lazy, so be it; it's their life, not mine. But that doesn't change the definitions.

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Melvin, obviously doesn't have much competition experience!
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I've done immediate action drills since I was a 17 year old boot at Benning...long arms,sidearms....if I own,carry;shoot them? I make sure I can keep them running.

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