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Springfield Armory

New pistol the "Saint". Any idea what it is? Might be geared to Female shooters. Any ideas?
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saw something on a forum, said that it's spld's effort to make a 1911 that actually works. Pat's officer's variant worked fine, so dunno if the guy'd had one bad one or if it's truly a reflection of bad qc by spld.
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Don't know about you, but in March I bought a Springfield Armory "Trophy Match", NM pistol, it works flawlessly for me. As did the one I had in the early '90's.
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I've never owned a Springfield pistol that I recall, but they're one of the few 1911 brands that don't seem to have a bunch of internet hate around them.

As for the 'saint', I've got no clue, but wonder if it's maybe a new smaller gun. I'm not "up" on springfield's lineup, but do they even have anything now to compete directly in the small-gun niche? Something to compete with the lcp, cm9, p230, those kind of pistols.

(Edit - I meant p238, not p230.)

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I don't think it's a 1911 clone, don't even know that it's a handgun.

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