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CCW Southern Style

Through my travels to Florida from Wisconsin, I talked to people from Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and mostly to Floridians. One thing I noted was that Southerners look at firearms carry as something natural and not a "gift" from politicians. A couple from Georgia told me they couldn't believe that a basic right was so heavily legislated in some states. One thing I did note was that people are not terribly worried about "printing" or others being aware their "carrying". In Florida I spotted people making little attempt to seriously conceal their handguns. A loose shirt over a T-shirt was about it. I didn't go in one restaraunt /bar where you couldn't spot shoulder, hip, and pocket carry. It's possible my safari type vest was a give a way too. I did notice more politeness at gas pumps and parking lot's than you find in say Northern Illinois. I wonder why?
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It's indeed considered a normal thing in Florida, perhaps beyond other eastern states. I think a lot of sloppy and sometimes irresponsible carriage and use of firearms results from certain, rather questionable, sociological developments.

One of my friends did a study related to this once for some Gen Ed social science requirement. A lot of what he found was rather interesting.

Street urchins here tend to observe that an armed society is a polite society. A piece is also considered to be either a badge of office (of sorts) or an indicator of mindset. Often, the presentation of a firearm (specifically, and even if not in anger) will yield a response along the lines of "my bad sorry, just working my hustle." Furthermore, in areas of particular concern, its generally established through precedent that more often than not, the molestation of someone with a weapon will quickly bring his friends/surviving relations with weapons to the initial assailants house or place of work, and they wonít be giving a care about the consequences.

Law enforcement here has a tendency to overlook certain things related to the above, for better or worse, at least in Miami. There is a prevailing frustration that they are unable to prevent a large amount of obviously imminent violent crime via the legal system. It's largely a jaded force which often gives bad karma to law enforcement officers as a whole.

Rural areas are a different story. Hunting is prevalent and most people grow up around guns in most non-urban areas. Itís just a normal part of life, and people often have coming-of-age first hunts.
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RedWing ブーツ

1905年、アメリカミネソタ州のレッドウィングという街で、チャールズ ベックマンが14人の仲間と共に「<a href="">RedWing ブーツ </a> Company」という名の小さな工場を設立。現在でも、アメリカ国内での生産にこだわり、本格的な作りに 相反した控えめの値段設定などの条件が重なり、世界中のワークブーツを代表するブランドへと成長した。現在 では、赤い羽根がロゴマークとして用いられている。日本では、レッドウィングジャパン (RedWing Japan) が輸入や企画 生産などを執り行っており、アメリカのレッドウィング社とは型番やモデルが違うものとなってい る。
トップシューズブランドとして成長を遂げた今もなお、とどまることを知らない勢いで躍進を続け ています。 アメリカ ミネソタ州のワークブーツメーカー、RED WING(
<a href="">ブーツ レッド </a>)。1919年に発売されたブラウンチーフ シリーズが大ブレイクし、アメリカを代表するブランドとして知られています。今やアメリカ国内でワークブー ツ約30%、セーフティーブーツ約80%のシェアを誇ります。
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Flip side is that people whom I know that carry, are usually more polite than those that do not here in the northeast. Maybe part of it is that those who do, don't look for trouble?

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