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shtf, distraught over loss of loved one,

even "just" a pet (especially in young children) and you're going to have non-cooperation, wailing, confusion, etc. It's quite unlikely that your group is going to be more of a help than a hindrance. There just aint enough disciplined, competent people in any one given area. You're not going to be able to assemble people from a 200 mile radius, post shtf. In fact, some that you COUNT upon, from a 5 mile radius, will probably not make it to the rendevous point, cause they got shot., stuck in traffic, clubbed, went looking for a loved one, got sick or hurt, etc. How long will you wait for them, eh? :-) The whole idea of a "survival group" is a jerkoff fantasy. The ones who DO show up will bring granny and a dozen others who are just a burden to the group, count on it. They will bring Aids, HepC, TB, etc, you can count upon it. you may "think" that you're going to be the boss-honcho, but somebody in your group is planning to pre-empt you, before shtf gets started, even. Certainly, after the fact, they are going to hate your guts about something.

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Please show us your "crystal ball" or has your fantasy taken over again?
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Well, the only one's I'd expect here are immediate Family. I would not plan on any group member I couldn't count on being allowed to "weather the storm" with us. Of course it's hard to predict every situation. Have to be flexible.

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