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17 yo, walking with a SS .22 rifle

I had no ammo. I'd gone hunting, with one rd, missed a bluejay. :-) Anyway, I was walking alongside a rural rd. the Rosentretter bros, from Benld, Ill, drove past me, one in the back seat opening the door, missed me cause my left arm was swinging up and the door brushed my shirt! I never again went anywhere without ammo if I had a gun and was rarely without a gun. I hunted them up at school the next day and told them what was going to happen if I EVER again saw them where nobody else was looking. I'd have shot for the back of the driver's head and then killed the other one when the car ran off the road. I never saw them out in my (rural) area again (or I WOULD have, 100% guaranteed! pos's.

You'd damned well BETTER walk on the left side of the road, if you are visibly armed and it's never a bad idea (unless you're trying to hitch a ride). you're flat stupid to walk alongside a road (on the right side) with headphones on!

Right there and then, I lost a lot of my interest in longarms that could not be concealed (at least in a pack, broken down) I also disliked holding a longarm when it was cold. Much nicer to have a pistol and just keep your hands in your pockets, until it's time to shoot. :-) I hate trying to shoot with gloves on. it's such a stupid handicap, man.

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