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when u move to whack a warlord, shtf

you'll have to conceal your rifle just to get into firing position. remove the AR's handguard and either slip on your hunk of neoprene, or wrap the barrel in rope. you won't be firing that many shots (or you wont get clear of the situation) and you've got to conceal the rifle under normal clothing. With a removable carrying handle, return to zero scope base like the AR has, small OD silencer (ie, 1.5") .22 unit and subsonic ammo (for checking POI after you reassemble everything) you CAN blend right in, looking completely unarmed, in very casual clothing, not even a jacket. Most of them are going to be in coat country, a big chunk of the year anyway, tho.

You MIGHT even get the chance to brain the pos at 50m, with subsonic 22 ammo, making it REALLY hard to locate you, and he aint wearing armor on his head. :-) You'd then have the option of hitting a couple of his guards first, if need be, or a couple more pos's that are just as bad as him, and who would replace him. High value targets just don't hang around the boon docks, and in town, their bodyguards are going to try to rush them from vehicle to building, and vice versa(if they know jack squat about their job).

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Time for the fantasy to re-surface??
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Wow. If they guy's truly a "warlord", I have to assume that there are warriors that he's lording over. If that were the case (and if for some bizarre reason I found myself in such a crazy, dystopian situation), seems all the more reason to hang far out and whack him from a distance where I have a much better chance of escape afterward.

I know you claim that it's only luck to hit a target at 200 yards or more, but fact is with my 10FP-LE and common factory ammo, I can hit 8 out of 10 canteloupes at a quarter mile. All day, every day; and I am certainly not some kind of Matthew Quigley. I personally know guys that can do it 8-for-10 at 600 yards and more.
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Wow! I guess he didn't need a VA referral after all to find drugs.

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