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I learned the std bs about guns 40 years ago

bolt actions for hunting, long range SO important (and same pos's advocating muzzleloaders ). :-)chokes and loads for birds, ak's so durable, revolvers so reliable, blah blah. I dont post any of that, cause I see that it's bs and cause you can easily find tons of it all over the net, in every gun mag on the newstand, etc. I post the stuff that you won't find anywhere else, either cause they dont know it (usually the case) or cause they are being paid to say otherwise. I make no money from any of this stuff. I have no desire to cater to fools. I could make a fair amount of money telling people what they want to hear, especially dumbass teenagers. But that's despicable, so I don't do it.

What I try to do is save them the time and money they'd otherwise waste. it's fine to blow money and time if you HAVE it to blow and if you REALIZE that you're blowing it, but few do. They THINK, cause asshats making money off of them have told them so, that they need it or can profit from it. or at least it's desirable.

Nobody else is telling them what I tell them, (ie, ways to save time and money and still be better able to prep for trouble) and have more fun to boot. It's not really that I"m smarter, it's that I've had 10's of thousands more hours to think about it than you, due to having served 18 years in prison, not having kids, etc. I thought of little else, thousands of hours per year, for 50 years now. of course I'm ahead of you. It would be really strange if I wasn't. I've met a ton of people who knew a lot ,about a lot of different things, and we had nothing better to do than teach each other. :-)

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Gee, I think I would rather not waste 18years of my life reading old gun magazines.
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They allow gun magazines in prison??
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The policy is yes, if the weapon is not broken down into parts that can be readily manufactured. Zip guns, simple shotguns, etc. This is up to the Officer screening the material, Most gun magazines are rejected out of hand. There is no real appeal. And I did see two pistols made from pipe that used matches and charcoal as a crude gunpowder. The ignition was matches tied to a striker. Also bombs made the same way. Ball bearings were the projectiles. The pistols didn't work, but we set off the grenades using a flare as an igniter. They went off. Stricter guidelines on all publications followed almost immediately.

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