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some people are just MUCH better hunters

you twits think you need a 10 ga, cause you just CANT get inside 50 yds of a turkey. :-)
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First, interesting video. I like seeing people do things in new and experimental ways. Thumbs up to the guy for that.

On the ten gauge thing, I know a lot of guys who hunt turkey (I don't), and absolutely none of them use a ten gauge. Geese? Yes, guys use a ten for geese but it's due to the altitude they're flying at. Hard to sneak close to something flying a hundred feet in the air above your head.

You're actually praising a guy who's successfully using not only a revolver, but a .410 revolver? Frankly, at that range of probably 6-8 feet, with that much time to ready the shot, it would be hard to miss with that gun/load combination.

Lastly, there actually is a hunting section and a shotgun section here. Yet you feel compelled to start a thread about "hunting" with a "shotgun", in the "rifle" section. Awesome.
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First I'm amazed that anyone can actually find 10 gauge ammo these days, it is very difficult to find up here and the only person (as in 1 person) that I know that uses it has to reload for it. Again, How does Melvin know exactly how close that we can get to an animal while we are hunting? Melvin are you a magician?

On the other hand I have seen articles on that revolver and wondered what else it could be used for other than snakes and varmints. Interesting video and again Melvin made himself look like a fool.

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