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we KNOW .22 Hornet bowls over coyotes

at 100 yds. 45 grs, 2200 fps. we know two wound channels are better than one and we know wider wound channels are better than narrow ones. 9x21 split nose has all 3 advantages. 45 grs at 2200 fps, no more recoil than the makarov, 2 wound tracks, and the advantages of a hand in pocket start, which, for the average guy, is worth 2 shots, speed wise, compared to an iwb belt rig under a shirt. compared to a belt rig under a shirt, under a heavy winter coat, the hand in pocket start is worth 6-7 shots. :-) It's just stupid to give up that much of an advantage.
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Again your giving an advantage to in the pocket carry that it doesn't really deserve. Are you always walking around with your hand in your [pocket? I can sweep a vest back and draw faster than I can stick my hand in my pocket and draw, and of course, I'm much faster than you.
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Nice article. thank for share with us

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